This KeePass Password Safe v2 plugin provides safe, automated synchronization of a KeePass database with a corresponding file of the same name on your Google Drive. The plugin is based on and compatible with the original Google Sync 3.0 plugin.

The Commands

  • Synchronize. Merge changes in the currently open database with changes in the Google Drive file. Optionally, sync with Google Drive automatically each time you open or save a database.
  • Upload. Copy the current database to Google Drive to make a duplicate of the local database.
  • Download. Replace the contents of the current database with the contents of the Google Drive file.

Beyond simple backup or online storage, the plugin leverages KeePass’ synchronize function to maintain perfect copies of the database in the Google Drive cloud and in Windows storage for extra security. Changes made to the database elsewhere can be accurately merged with the local copy of the database. Users of multiple devices and mobile or other KeePass-compatible programs that synchronize with Google Drive will find this plugin quite useful.

Supports traditional KeePass v2 “Normal” and “Portable” plugin installation.

KPSync for Google Drive™

Secure sync automation with Drive.