Auto Sync Config

Sync every time you open or save the database.

What Happens

  • If Auto Sync is enabled for the KeePass Open command, then each time you open a database, the Sync with Drive function is invoked automatically, thus ensuring any changes made to the Drive copy since the last time you used the database are merged into the opened database.
  • If enabled for the KeePass Save command, any changes made in your current KeePass session are saved and merged into the Drive copy.

How it Works

  • Click Configuration on the plugin menu to open the dialog, then the Options and Defaults tab shown above.
  • The Sync with Drive command must be enabled.
  • You can enable Auto Sync for the Open command, Save command, or both.
  • KeePass notifies the plugin when you Open or Save, and the plugin invokes the Sync with Drive command if enabled.
  • Auto Sync only works if the current database is configured for the plugin, and if the Sync with Drive function is enabled.

KeePass Sync for Google Drive™

Secure sync automation with Drive.