The content authors associated with this site are primarily focused on publishing useful, free software. We believe good software always carefully protects its users’ fundamental human right to privacy. The software made available here neither collects nor abuses your personal information.

We also hope you find this site useful! The site’s purpose to is to ensure a completely safe, private browsing experience, while providing access to, and information about the software.

Please review the Site Privacy section below for more information regarding website privacy and the site hosting service provider’s policies.

In addition to this document, the plugin maintainers also publish Security Bulletins which inform you of currently known issues that could effect secure use of the software.

Plugin Privacy

The plugin software uses Google provided application programming interfaces that allow you to access your Google Drive account within KeePass. It does so through the use of open-standard authentication protocols and frameworks.

Your login details, e.g., Google user name and password, are never accessed by the plugin software nor its component libraries. The plugin works cooperatively with the web browser of your choice and the Google Sign-in authentication service to explicitly obtain your consent to access Google Drive. The plugin communicates with no other online services or software.

When you authorize access, Google Drive sends the plugin a digital token representing your consent, granted only to the plugin. The token may optionally be saved to the currently open KeePass database, and subsequently used in plugin commands accessing Google Drive. The token is only valid for use by the plugin, and may be invalidated by you or Google at any time. Tokens saved in the KeePass database are as safe as all other personal information there.

Please note: by authorizing the plugin, Google implicitly grants access to some identifying details of your account, such as your email address. The plugin never requests this access, and in no way exercises this trusted privilege. Though Google unavoidably grants the extraneous permission, the plugin ignores it and operates perfectly without it.

The surest guard of your digital privacy is you. And one of the great benefits of using open source software is your right to critically inspect the code. The authors enthusiastically invite this criticism to help improve the software and hopefully gain your trust.

Site Privacy

This privacy statement applies only to this site. Please be aware when moving to another site, and read the privacy statement of any other site(s) which may collect personal information about you.

When visiting this site, “cookies” may be placed on your device (computer, mobile, or tablet). A cookie is a small text file that is placed on your device by websites you visit. The only purpose of cookies on this site is “technical”, that is, to provide form and function to your site browsing experience.

Some sites may use cookies to “personalize” or “analyze” your usage; this site does not use cookies in this way. Except for cookies that record your preferences or consent, all cookies issued by the site are created with “session lifetime”. That is, the browser should delete them when your visit to the site ends.

To enhance responsiveness and navigation of content, this site uses JavaScript. JavaScript is a programming language that runs programs, or “scripts”; in this case, in your web browser. The scripts used by this site take advantage of a browser feature called “local storage” or “cache”, which allows scripts to maintain the status of your browser session, such as the currently displayed page. Local storage exists on your device, much like a cookie. The data placed in local storage by this site includes no identifying personal information. Browsers may have various features and settings that allow some non-standard control of local storage, including the saving of local storage data to secondary, or persistent storage on your device after the session ends. The scripts on this site only require local storage to exist for as long as you are browsing the site.

Most web browsers offer settings allowing you to opt-out of the use of cookies and/or JavaScript, and some browser plugins may allow you to review and block some or all cookies and scripts offered by a site. Note that blocking the functional cookies and scripts of this site can negatively effect its ability to provide information adequately.

Here is the current list of cookies in use on the site:

Name Realm Purpose Lifetime
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Note that the above list does not include cookies that the site’s hosting provider may issue, and over which the content authors have no control.

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