Thank you to everyone who has helped to this point.

Finally, we have a modern release of the rejuvenated Google Sync 3.0 plugin with usable, Google-sanctioned, built-in OAuth 2.0 credentials. This was a primary goal when the effort started several months ago, and with your feedback and coordination with Google, we can hopefully look forward to several more years of safely using the plugin without authorization issues.

Unfortunately minor, cosmetic changes to the ALPHA release were required. The upgrade is quite simple for KeePass plugin veterans, but the details are important to avoid the possibility of two different versions of the plugin installed simultaneously. Follow the links below to upgrade via your chosen installation method.

And please, don’t hesitate to raise a new issue if you have problems with the upgrade!

What Changed

Mostly, just names. The name of the plugin and the file names of the distribution binaries have changed from some form of

Google Drive Sync


KeePass Sync for Google Drive.

All of these changes are transparently documented on the site.

With apologies, the blame for this situation is completely ours. We failed to anticipate the detailed requirements for verification. Hopefully this page and your continued use of the plugin is adequate recompense.

Now, to the name changes. Whereas the ALPHA versions displayed this menu…

ALPHA plugin menu

…the new release’s menu looks like this:

New-improved plugin menu

Also, the KeePass “Check For Updates” dialog will display something like this when the old, ALPHA plugin is installed…

ALPHA plugin check

…whereas the new plugin will reflect the new name (if not this version):

New-improved plugin check

Upgrading a Normal Installation

The instructions are the similar to those of the installation upgrade page, with the following changes:

  1. Start KeePass.
  2. Select the ToolsPlugins menu command.
  3. Click the Clear button:

    New-improved plugin check

  4. Exit KeePass; ensure you have exited the program by checking the Windows “notification tray” for the KeePass icon. If it’s still there, KeePass is still running - don’t proceed until the icon is gone.
  5. Delete the old .PLGX file from the KeePass installation directory, for example “C:\Program Files (x86)\KeePass Password Safe 2”. The file to delete will have the old name, something like GoogleDriveSync-4.0.1-alpha.2.plgx.
  6. Now follow the instructions on the Normal Installation page. That is, copy the new plugin file, named something like KeePassSyncForDrive-4.0.2.plgx, to the KeePass installation directory, e.g., “C:\Program Files (x86)\KeePass Password Safe 2”.
  7. Restart KeePass.

Upgrade a Portable Installation

You are in luck. The instructions are very similar to the usual portable installation upgrade instructions.

In fact, the instructions are identical. Just note that some of the files extracted from the new release’s .ZIP archive will have different names.

KeePass Sync for Google Drive™

Secure sync automation with Drive.