Supported installations of the plugin require the following components.

Note that these requirements are more restrictive than the requirements for running KeePass alone, due to Google API requirements. Also, unlike KeePass, successful installation of the plugin requires you to ensure these requirements are met.

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Compatibility with Google Sync Plugin

This is the 4th generation of the plugin, with updated Google Drive APIs, modern KeePass ingegration, and updated .NET Framework security. Every effort is made to preserve functional compatibility with Google Sync Plugin 3.0, while also fixing issues with shifting Google authorization requirements.

From time to time, new releases may be forced to break certain points of compatibility in order to provide security fixes or improved functionality. In these cases, a migration path, temporary workarounds, or both will be provided to lessen the impact. All such instances will be fully documented on this site.

If the old plugin currently synchronizes your databases successfully, this release should be able to synchronize those databases as well. Additionally, you will not be required to authenticate and reauthorize the plugin, at least as long as Google continues to respect the authorization token granted to the old plugin.

However, if you want to synchronize a new database, or if Google retires the token saved in an existing database, this plugin may be the only way to continue synchronizing KeePass in a customary way.

If you have configured custom OAuth 2.0 credentials for your database with the old plugin, these should continue to work as before.

Settings Migration

Compatibility is achieved through a one-way “migration” of the settings of the old plugin. Full, or forward compatibility with the old plugin is not supported. That is, changes you make to the sync configuration of the new plugin will not be reflected in the settings of the old plugin, and conversely, changes to the old plugin configuration will not be reflected in an already-existing new plugin configuration.

The first time the new plugin is used on a database configured to sync with the old plugin, the settings from the old plugin are copied and migrated, one time, to the new settings format.

Side-by-Side Compatibility

Configuration settings of the old plugin are not modified by the new plugin. Therefore, though not recommended, the new plugin may be safely installed side-by-side with Google Sync Plugin 3.0.

KPSync for Google Drive™

Secure sync automation with Drive.