Portable installation is required when the KeePass program is run from a removable storage device, such as a USB drive. This is convenient mostly for those who wish to use KeePass with multiple computers, without installing it on each of those computers.

This installation method is generally recommended only for advanced users. It requires diligence to ensure system requirements are met for each computer, and to avoid installation conflicts.

Alternatively, the “normal” installation method may be preferable.

Installation Steps

Before installing the plugin, ensure that the portable KeePass installation is valid and operating as desired.

Please also review the general KeePass instructions for installing plugins.

Use the Download .ZIP button to obtain a file named KeePassSyncForDrive-x.x.x.zip, where ‘x.x.x’ is the release version. For example “KeePassSyncForDrive-4.0.1.zip” or “KeePassSyncForDrive-4.0.1-beta.zip”.

  1. Ensure KeePass is not running.
  2. Create a folder under the KeePass installation folder named “SyncForDrive” (for example, if KeePass.exe is installed in a folder named “K:\sw\KeePass”, create the folder “K:\sw\KeePass\SyncForDrive”).
  3. Extract the contents of the .zip file into the folder created in step 2.

Verify that the plugin is installed by starting KeePass and examining the Tools menu:

KeePass Tools menu and KeePass Sync For Google Drive submenu

To ensure you have the most current version of the plugin, click Check for Updates on the KeePass Help menu:

Update Check Tool

Installation Conflicts

If you have previously used the “normal” plugin installation on a machine where you now wish to use the “portable” installation, you should remove the prior plugin installation first. With normal installation, KeePass creates a plugin cache that must be cleared. Note that this will prevent the plugin from operating in normal, non-portable mode, if KeePass is still installed that way.

  1. Remove the “.plgx” file added to the KeePass directory in Step 1 of the normal installation instructions.
  2. In KeePass, clear the “Plugin Cache” (Tools ⇒ Plugins… ⇒ Clear button).
  3. Restart KeePass.


To install a new version of the plugin to a portable installation, follow these steps.

Use the Download .ZIP button to obtain the latest release’ .zip archive.

  1. Ensure KeePass is not running.
  2. Empty the contents of the folder created in step 2 of the portable installation instructions.
  3. Extract the contents of the .zip file into the folder emptied in step 2.

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